HiTRUST3DSsvr is certified and approved by

Visa Secure

Mastercard Identity Check

American Express SafeKey

JCB J/Secure


Discover/Diners ProtectBuy

HiTRUST3DSsvr Features

• Support EMV 3DS 2.1 & 2.2 version protocols;

• Decrease cart abandonment rates with frictionless flow;

• High-level of performance and durability;

• Real-time multi-layered fraud detect system with AI techniques to reduce fraud;

• Admin system to manage user permissions, monitor operational performance, and look into transaction details;

• Offer 3DS testing environment to ensure system performance before going live;

• Support newly released functions of the card schemes (e.g., Visa DAF);

• Support both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

Licensing Options

HiTRUST offers flexible licensing options to support and meet the business requirements of clients, which include:

On-premise Solution

Pricing is based on the number of servers. The basic plan includes a set of operating server and back up server. The server can be flexibly expanded according to system requirements.

Cloud-based Solution

Fees include annual fee and overage transaction fees. Acquirers or payment gateways do not need to build their own systems, but to quickly adopt 3-D Secure by integrating with our 3DS Server cloud.

System Architecture

System Requirement


Windows Sever 2016 Standard
CentOS 7.x
RHEL 7.x
Sun Solaris 11.3
Suse 12

JDK Version

JDK 1.8 with Spring boot 1.5.4

AP Server

WebSphere 8.5
Tomcat 9
Jetty 9


Oracle Database 12c Standard
DB2 workgroup server 11.1
Microsoft SQL Server 2016