No more passwords

Passwords are often forgotten or reused by users across different websites, creating a huge opportunity for hacker interception.

The one-time-password (OTP) is widely chosen as an authentication method. However, with access to the user's email account, the prevalent credential stuffing and phishing attacks, it is no longer a safe way to authenticate.

Fast Identity Online (FIDO) is a cutting-edge technology utilizing public-key cryptography for logins and authentication without the use of user IDs and passwords.

Multiple Authentication Methods

HiFIDO introduces an alternative way of authenticating for users, using their fingerprint, facial recognition, PINs, and more. These methods ensure utmost safety under the use of public-private keys, while providing your customers with the most convenient login and authentication process possible. Only a scan away!

Certified by world-class
FIDO Alliance

Certified by
FIDO Alliance

Adhering to the latest standards of FIDO2, HiFIDO is ready to take your website and application forward on the path of eliminating risky passwords.

FIDO2 supports a wide range of devices, making it convenient for end users, and is easily adaptable for your business' platforms.

Safer account,
no password

In the fight against the evolving fraud approaches, user ID and password become obsolete and vulnerable security. FIDO2 presents the opportunity for users to securely access accounts while solving the issue of forgotten passwords.

Scan only,
enter nothing

Leverage safer and more convenient alternatives to authenticate. Account logins and payment authentications can be done using the user's fingerprint or facial recognition. Authenticate anywhere, at any time!

Encrypted credential,
strong protection

User credentials are stored safely on their device based on the cryptography mechanism.