HiTRUST.COM Inc. was founded in November 2013 and became the most trusted partner for secure e-commerce. Our primary products and services include "EMV 3DS", "Payment Gateway Service", "E-commerce and Loyalty Service", and "Veri-id", analyzing the risk of digital identity.

HiTRUST is the first 3DS solution provider in China, and we provide an advanced 3DS system to merchants, banks, and payment service providers. From 3DS 1.0 to 3DS 2.x, our solutions have been utilized by numerous major credit card issuers and acquirers. Every time when users pay with their credit card online, they employ our product to protect the transaction. In addition, we work with card schemes and payment institutions to improve and secure the online payment environment.

With constant R&D resources and reliable technical support, HiTRUST has won recognition from the industry and the public by creating products that ensure secure payments and are convenient for both the issuer and the acquirers.

HiTRUST thrived in online payment security for many years and has accumulated a myriad of valuable customers around the world.
• 100+ clients in great China, including issuers, acquirers, payment facilitators, and payment service providers, have applied our 3DS on-premise solutions or cloud service.
• Abundant clients in Southeast Asia and Australia adopted our 3DS cloud solutions.

Besides, HiTRUST is a leading payment service provider in Great China.
• Top Ten central acquiring banks have selected HiTRUST as their payment gateway operator.
• Shopify designated 3rd party payment service provider in Great China.
• 10,000+ online merchants with more than 2 billion USD in transactions annually.

Besides, HiTRUST is the leading e-commerce and loyalty solution enabler in China. We help our clients improve online retail business and increase revenue from channels like websites, mobile apps, and instant-messaging tools.

As competitions continue to increase and technologies are constantly improving, it is pivotal for companies to keep those valuable customers in hands. With the customer loyalty program that our company provides, we are helping our clients to optimize their system and increase customer’s loyalty, and that is what differentiate our clients from their competitors.

E-commerce & loyalty solution
• TOP loyalty and reward service provider in China.
• Leading e-commerce and digital marketing enabler in China.

In addition to HiTRUST's substantial technical resources, we foster an open and entrepreneurial mindset in every aspect of our work. We work collaboratively, rigorously, and effectively with our partners and clients to deliver quality and exceptional results. Thus, with our persistent passion, expertise, and ambition for the industry, we are confident to drive our team forwards and propel the industry to the next level.