Veri-id Data Points Collected

Veri-id is an AI-backed, patented risk detection and management tool that incorporates essential data collection, analysis, and risk scoring to unveil potential fraud threats to stop them immediately.

There are over 100 device information characteristics collected by Veri-id for analysis and risk scoring. Do you already know them? Let's find out!

Veri-id Application Scenarios

With increased activities and interactions on the internet, users are more active across various sites and platforms. This makes the online environment exceptionally vulnerable to fraud threats. These fraud threats are present anywhere over the internet, given that there is a username, password, and transactions are being conducted.

Using Veri-id, adopters are able to unveil fraud threats in a handful of scenarios. Click to view more of the application scenarios currently available with Veri-id.

Device Fingerprinting and Risk Scoring

To uncover the potential threats of fraud, Veri-id is designed to effectively collect over 100 device information characteristics. After that, they are used to generate a Device Fingerprint. This is a mini profile of your device, containing different sorts of information that helps identify it, and for risk management tools to distinguish it from others.

Learn more about Device Fingerprint and how Veri-id handles Risk Scoring to protect your logins and transactions.

Backend Introduction

One of the problems that advanced technologies face is the technical requirements for conventional users to adopt them. However, with Veri-id, it's just a piece of cake!

Aiming to equip financial institutions and businesses with advanced risk detection mechanisms, HiTRUST is well aware that nobody likes complicated systems. Veri-id's backend system is designed to be easy-to-use, even for non-technical users. Upon integration, your team members can access and monitor the system at ease.

Discover how convenient it is for your team to onboard Veri-id!

HiFIDO - Login and authenticate payments without passwords

Forgotten and compromised passwords have been the biggest problem for users of online services ranging from internal corporate systems, social media platforms, e-commerce stores. Ever since the one-time password mechanism is introduced, users are more protected against takeovers, but that's not enough.

Using public key cryptography, FIDO protects accounts and passwords from being intercepted by hackers. Taking advantage of the new technology, users' passwords are safely stored within their device and never sent to any public server. Instead, a private key is generated to match with a public key to authenticate.

View our video to learn more about HiFIDO.