Unveil Fraud From Device Fingerprints

Our cutting-edge Fraud Detection System captures up to 100 device attributes, ensuring utmost security without added friction.




iOS 17.4.1



IP address



For full details on device attributes, book a call with our expert.

Data-Driven Risk Decisioning Mechanism

Veri-id combines device information, transaction, and historical data for comprehensive Risk Scoring using AI.
The Rule Engine component categorizes customer activities into low, medium, or high risk, ensuring secure and frictionless user experiences.

Detect Automated Script Attacks

Unmask Bots from Typing Patterns

Advanced Bot Detection analyzes typing patterns through time intervals between key presses, typing dynamics, distinct motions, and more.

Spotting Bots with Mouse Movements

Advanced bot detection identifies robotic movements, which are typically faster and more rigid, with fewer and sharper turns, distinguishing them from human-like mouse movements.

Customize Your Risk Profile

Bespoke Security Solution

Rule Engine empowers you to define and customize risk rules for any scenario. Categorize each use case to accurately assess your current risk levels.

Example 1

  • Al Score >0
  • +
  • Within an Hour
  • Same Device & Card
  • >1Successful Authentication
  • Amount<3,000
Low Risk

Example 2

  • Al Score <-0.5
  • Detected VPN
  • +
  • Within 20 Minutes
  • Same device, Different Card
  • >10 Transactions Request
High Risk

Tackle Fraud from The Roots

Fraud Prevention

Identify and mitigate fraudulent transactions with pinpoint accuracy.

Increased Approval

Boost 3-D Secure success rates with increased frictionless transactions.

Customer Identification

Understand and recognize genuine customers through their behavior.

Fraud Prevention

Identify good and bad transactions to protect merchants and prevent unwanted chargebacks.

Smart Approval

Elevate security by instantly approving or rejecting transactions, perfectly complementing 3-D Secure.

Chargeback Guardian

As per Visa's regulations, device information collected during transactions can be used as proof against unwanted chargebacks.

Fraud Prevention

Spot 'potential' fraud and reduce unwanted chargebacks to protect your platform.

Review Order

Protect merchants by swiftly identifying and spotting fraudulent or malicious orders before they ship.

Chargeback Guardian

Use device information collected during transactions as proof to prevent unwanted chargebacks per Visa regulations.