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October 28, 2022

FinTech Taipei Exhibition 2022 Recap

On October 28 and 29, HiTRUST participated at the FinTech Taipei 2022 Exhibition as an Exhibitor. The event was jointly hosted and supported by renowned financial institutions such as the R.O.C Financial Supervisory Commission, Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, Fin&Tech, FinTech Space, and more.

With the aim of bringing together FinTech service providers of different expertise and sizes, the Exhibition served as a medium for insightful exchanges, conversations, and meaningful connections to be made between industry key players. Apart from that, the two-day event was also an opportunity for HiTRUST to showcase our most innovative solutions and provide one-on-one consultation sessions for interested potentials and partners.

In this article, we will be reflecting on the highlights of the event, reviewing our long-awaited, well-prepared product demonstration, and sharing our thoughts on the experience and outcomes from participation.

Our Vision For the Event

2022 is the first year HiTRUST takes the initiative to be a part of the FinTech Taipei Exhibition. Having been present in the industry for over 20 years, as a leading solutions provider, we consistently thrive to further revolutionize our approach in incorporating technological expertise with offerings that work best for the clients.

We perceive this event as an effective enabler for us to bring our technology and solutions closer to potential clients, partners, and interested individuals in the market. Meanwhile, the takeaways from it constituted a valuable learning-sharing experience for HiTRUST in event hosting and on-site product demonstration. Upon registering to exhibit, we were determined to bring along highly experienced professionals to share with and address any concerns that our visitors might have.

Our Preparation

In preparation for our displayed Booth, the team worked hard on preparing demonstration materials - further explained below, as well as small goodies, handouts that our visitors can easily take away to learn more about the products. Below are photos of how the scene looked at the point of setup.

Taking advantage of the given space, we organized convenient spots for handouts placement, goodies display, and stations for our product demonstration. We aimed at keeping the designs and displays simple, while staying true to our brand image with our signature deep red tone. Our staff were easily recognized for our unique HiTRUST tees, take a look!

Our Activities

During the two days, our team was in awe of the event's scale, which included all major domestic banks, financial institutions, FinTech startups, and so on. We were excited to get things going and start engaging with visitors through brief company introductions and detailed product explanations.

Our group of accomplished specialists took the lead in hosting visitors and guiding them through the fundamentals of payment security, how 3-Domain Secure ensures safety for their transactions, and most importantly led them to experience our latest product HiFIDO. This particular new offering includes the implementation of Fast Identity Online (FIDO), an authentication mechanism enabling passwordless log-ins and activities such as online payment.

The product demonstration was prepared in an interactive way, allowing the visitors to go through a FIDO-supported checkout experience that includes online-shopping product picking, adding to cart, checking out, and payment. All of these are aimed at replicating the checkout process when a merchant enables HiTRUST's HiFIDO solution for their online store.

From our interactions, we noticed that most of our visitors were company representatives and individuals specifically interested in new technology in general, and digital payment in particular. Some of them were looking for payment security solutions as they have realized that with digital fraud being on the rise, proper risk management programs are needed to facilitate their business activities over the web.

Despite being embedded into the majority of online transactions, solutions like 3-Domain Secure remain unknown to many users. Visitors who were unaware of payment security processes eventually became more interested in such solutions and how much of an impact they can make on a business. We were delighted to find that not only did the visitors enjoy our demonstration experience, but their takeaways include more knowledge upon the field.

The exhibition was also a great opportunity for us to reunite with and reinforce the relationship with our long-term partners from the major domestic banks, who have been adopting our solutions for years. Meeting each other in such a setting lets us recall all the things we have achieved together within our partnerships, and provokes discussions on the new things that we would be able to work closely on in the future as needs for fraud prevention deepen and change.


As reported by our team, the event was successful for a first-time exhibitor. It gave us many more new connections and potential opportunities, while letting us engage more with the community. Along this event report is our huge appreciation and kudos towards the HiTRUST team that made our presence at the exhibition possible.

From this event, we found that alongside solutions adopters, individual participants of E-Commerce are also interested in learning more about the behind-the-scenes of their digital transactions. This closely aligns with broader strategies of customer education where the target audience is not the direct service user but rather their customers or clients. In the long-term, when equipped with enough knowledge about a particular standard of product or service provision, this group will act on their power to decide what to expect in the services that they consume.

This is what we consider an important step towards raising the security awareness in the finance realm, which is just as crucial as developing and providing quality solutions to merchants and acquirers.

While the fun and new experiences from FinTech Taipei lingers upon us, we are on our feet getting ready for the up-coming industry events in Hong Kong and Singapore. We would also like to remind readers that our series of Exhibitions span from October 28 to November 4, including our attendance in three different venues being Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Don't forget to stay tuned for our exciting adventures and insightful takeaways from the coming world-class events.