HiTRUST is looking for sales partners to broaden our global network.

To meet the global demands of our clients, our service landscape continues to evolve into a cloud services model. We need to think globally and act locally. This is why we are teaming up with partners worldwide. Partners likes online retailers, IT enablers, payment service providers, digital payment operators and …etc. are sincerely invited to join our reseller program. We apply a revenue sharing model and offer professional pre-sale support for our sales partners. It’s so easy to expand your product portfolio by selling our EMV 3DS cloud as well as on-premise software solutions and enjoy the benefit.

HiTRUST 3DS cloud deployment.

PCI-DSS compliance data centers is ready in AWS, GCP and Alibaba cloud.
Global technical support team is here and happy to help.

HiTRUST, the global leader in EMV 3DS.

3DS cloud support a diversity of global card brands.
100+ issuers and acquirers are protected by HiTRUST payment security solution.
10,000+ online merchants have applied HiTRUSTpay payment gateway service.

Join our EMV 3DS reseller program, please contact 3ds_sales@hitrust.com