Multi-layered real-time fraud detection

The evolution of fraudulent attacks closely follows the constant expansion of e-commerce. Consumers are shifting from face-to-face transactions to Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions in recent years. In particular, since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 worldwide, online shopping has proliferated. An increasing number of enterprises began to provide diversified payment services to ensure consumers' convenient and smooth shopping experience. The lagging security mechanism in the context of fast e-commerce development allows fraudsters to find loopholes that can be used. Fraudsters have evolved from individuals and small groups into significant criminal gangs and even global phishing industrial chains. This allows them to have more resources to develop sophisticated attacking techniques.

Take advantage of AI machine learning technology, HiTRUST Veri-id captures essential information from the ever-increasing transaction data, learning and constantly adjusting through a feedback mechanism. It provides accurate risk predictions, identifies new forms of fraud approaches and stops the attacks immediately.

In combination with blacklisting, whitelisting, rule engines and AI models, HiTRUST Veri-id is designed with a variety of risk control tools since it is impossible to provide an all-round defense using a single tool in the face of complicated e-commerce phishers. Veri-id's multi-layered control methods help financial institutions distinguish between real and phishing transactions, reducing the false positive rate and human negligence.

Identify real customers Improve transaction success rate

Even though online transactions have become the primary target for fraudsters with ever-changing methods, high-risk transactions only account for 5% of all the online transactions. Therefore, one of the features of Veri-id is that it identifies as many real customers as possible and provides them with an outstanding user experience to increase the volume of successful transactions.

HiTRUST Veri-id is not only able to identify the risk degree using the industry knowledge graph, but it can also recognize customers and analyzes their transaction habits through device information and historical records. With a transaction that is in line with the previous behavior pattern, the low-risk frictionless authentication can be triggered to streamline the shopping process and improve the success rate of the transaction. Finally, we assist institutions in balancing risk control and business development through Veri-id's accurate risk detection modules.

Flexible application and implementation



Customized risk decision-making and result validation

Any institution can decide the model types and quantity to be used, or preset subsequent behavior decisions (e.g., frictionless, challenge) for each risk level in Veri-id according to their specific customer groups and internal risk policies. Veri-id also provides a result validation platform using historical transaction data to measure whether the selected solutions satisfy the demand.



Support two implementation plans

HiTRUST offers both SaaS and On-Premise deployments . The cloud-based service eliminates costs of hardware, eases burden on IT staff, and has the opportunity to get the newest fraud attack approaches detected by other institutions through data sharing. The on-premise project ensures compliance with data residency restrictions specified by local laws while guaranteeing flexibility for customization.

Why Veri-id



Multi-layered fraud detection to stop online credit card fraud and attacks.


AI and machine learning with real time risk strategy adjustments.


A friendly user interface to allow risk control staffs to operate complex functions efficiently.


Improve the success rate of authorization/transactions by identifying real customers.


One-stop online credit card service in combination with 3D-Secure authentication.


Our vast experience in financial service sector and online transactions offer any help you need at any time.

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